STNY Thorium Brotherhood Crafters

We’re looking for people to take on getting their faction up with the Thorium Brotherhood. So far we have:

  • Enchanter – Beans
  • Armorsmith – Simpkin
  • Axesmith – Skier (low priority)
  • Dragonscale Leatherworker – Pinpoint
  • Tailor – Merkor
  • Tribal Leatherworker – Runiska
  • Elemental Leatherworker – Ithwail

We still need someone of each of the following to step forward and pick up the following profs:

  • Swordsmith
  • Hammersmith (low priority)

Please leave a comment if you a) want to pick up the responsibility or b) if you know someone who might be interested.

9 Responses to “STNY Thorium Brotherhood Crafters”

  1. Cilren Says:

    I can pick up tailoring if you want. I need help getting kingsblood though

  2. TwiZzoT Says:

    i’ll do tribal leatherworking….may take awhile. =P

  3. h3rb Says:

    Nistin is 300 Tailoring. Many have his login, hook him up!

  4. Torment Says:

    I’m working toward swordsmith, will take me awhile too 🙂

  5. Ryalt Says:

    I’m also an armorsmith, and as soon as I can log back on for decent amounts of time (next 2 days) I will be working on such things as well. Plan on leveling my druid to farm kingsblood for myself in the wetlands, but anything else is good too. I probabaly have a bit longer to go, but I’m working on it when I can 🙂

  6. Runiska Says:

    I’ll do tribal…already started it and turned in around 100 kingsblood.

  7. Ithwail Says:

    I am honored atm, And I am an elemental Leatherworker , For rogues !

  8. beans Says:

    i should be revered by this weekend if i get myself to go to brd and turn in 400 DIO’s. once i get to revered, i can pick up another craft and drop engineering if the guild needs it. that way we can save the materials for crafting instead of turning in.

  9. beans Says:

    i am finally revered w/ the stupid thorium brothers, and now i can do 22 int enchant. PST beans / aerith in game if you have the mats and want it. mats are 15 large brilliant shards, 12 greater eternal essences, and 20 illusion dusts. thanks to those that helped getting me reputation and countless runs into brd.

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