Present Issues

This evening the officers sat together in ventrilo and discussed some of the issues facing the guild. As a result a few people have been removed from the guild due to their negative impact on the guild as a whole. A few other individuals with ongoing issues will be talked to in private. Basically what we are trying to say is we warned you a while back that making the game unfun isn’t going to fly.

Vent Gag List

Just be quiet damnit.

Raid Balance

I intend to keep our raids balanced on classes, even if it means leaving some slots open. In order to not get left out on raids, I’d suggest people cross-train on friends accounts. We have the same few people always offering to play alts and that’s just nonsense. If it comes down to mutliple people going to the same spot, the raid leader will chose who goes and who doesn’t. If you don’t agree with how the raids are run, please go run your own.

6 Responses to “Present Issues”

  1. Dish Says:

    Xleon has left the guild
    Ryalt has left the guild
    Ragnarr has left the guild

  2. bluce Says:

    This rule should have been posted and everyone informed of it before you made it up on the fly friday night and decided to enforce it then. Had this been posted as a rule for raiding and I had known about it ahead of time, then I wouldnt have bothered anyone for a raid invite.

  3. Skier Says:

    Whether the rule was posted beforehand and enforced that night is irrelavent. I was running the raid, you message me for a spot, I replied (as I did to all the other people who asked for a slot that was full) with a message that told you why you weren’t getting an invite. This message explained to you that I was attempting to get a good class balance. You then proceeded to badger me for nearly full hour before I finally decided to put you on /ignore. You basically pestered yourself out of the slot. There’s no way I’m going to invite someone who has been bugging me for an hour AND who’s getting angry. I think you should be happy that I don’t have a written transcript of the conversation from Friday night and drop this whole thing while you are still way behind.

    Occassionally we will sit down and make concrete rules and post them on the web site/forums beforehand. Occassionally we’ll make up rules on the fly and start enforcing them. This isn’t a formal goverment and I have no intentions on making it like that (it wouldn’t be much fun IMO). The officers are the ones responsible for dealing with the problems and sometimes we do a good job and sometimes we do a bad job. If this is unnacceptable to you (we’re not talking about whether or not it is fair to you), please see Dish’s post above.

  4. bluce Says:

    Well Im sorry but you had never done that before to anyone, and I had been really looking forward to the raid. It made me upset, and yes, I do get very emotional. I felt like you made this decision on the spot, without talking to the other officers about this rule. I honestly felt like you were being very unfair to just me, because you made the decision at that point, and nobody else had ever had to sit out of a raid with empty spots in it. The previous week Cata had gotten an invite for the raid as the 8th mage when we had 1 slot open even thou we didn’t need another one. Im glad he was invited, as I like to see everyone who wants to go on the raid… but this week when I was in the same position and you did that, what was I supposed to think?

    I do not want to join any other guild, while I may or may not always agree with you, I have many friends in STNY and its where I want to be.

    I don’t hate you skier, I don’t hate wink either… I don’t hate anyone in STNY. I’m sorry for bothering you, but you made me feel very left out and I was hurt.

  5. Dog Says:

    lol i get denied spots on a regular basis, sometimes i’m late, sometimes i’m not.. i hear a lot of “full on mages”.. i just go farm stuff.. 🙂 Don’t take it too personal bleak, growing pains of the guild, it happens, just remember you’re playing the game to have fun.. i know what it’s like to look forward to a raid then get denied, but also remember, it happens every week, didn’t make it this week? just go next week.. go spend some time with the duck, etc etc.

  6. wink Says:

    bleak, please in the future can both you and ducky not take things personally. for 2 weeks in a row watermm was the last mage logged on. on time, but the last one logged. both weeks i asked him to wait till after the raid had started to see if we could get a better class mix. he had no problem with this at all. oh and btw i only played my mage that night for 1 boss then switched to nistin ;]

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