1.9 Timbermaw Hold Rep Rewards

<3 Transmute Earth to Water

8 Responses to “1.9 Timbermaw Hold Rep Rewards”

  1. aerith Says:

    transmute undeath to water > all

  2. h3rb Says:

    Yeah if you got 500+G to drop on it.

  3. Dish Says:

    Ceres has it, toss her a tell if you see her on.

  4. Dog Says:

    FYI – I bought mine off the AH for 40g… Idiots FTW

  5. turin Says:

    earth>water has been there all along..hasnt it?

  6. h3rb Says:

    Yes it has been there. I was just pointing out that I <3 it

  7. turin Says:

    well..carry on then.

  8. watermm Says:

    Now who wants to farm rep with me in Felwood? ^_^
    AOE efficiency FTW.

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