Razorgore Down!

After 5 attempts we got him down.

Check it out here!

8 Responses to “Razorgore Down!”

  1. med Says:

    grats guys razor took us a couple clears to get our strat down and vael took us forever because of people struggling with wiping in order to allow the tanks to learn the encounter. good luck with everything i still haven’t seen a SS of the loot? or just what the loot is for that matter? curious

  2. Taliant Says:

    Bloodfang, Nemisis, UNTAMED BLADE!

  3. dish Says:

    I won the bloodfang! whats even funnier, is someone forgot to put the loot on FFA!

  4. h3rb Says:

    Whoever the admin is that changed it to include the image it messes up the sites format and is not pretty 🙂 Which is why I included it as a link only!

  5. Skier Says:

    That was me. I think 400px or so is max img width I set for middle column.

  6. med Says:

    lol @ rogue and warlock loot 😉
    but the sword is something we haven’t seen yet
    grats again

  7. pyrus Says:

    Med is a homosexual

  8. Ceres Says:

    Grats guys! This was like… 2 weeks ago. But grats anyways!

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