PSA: Raiding and BWL

Alright folks great job working on vael this weekend. We went in there with very little idea of what to expect, started handling the fight and ended up getting vael down to 11% on Saturday. That is great, pat yourselves on the back!

Aside from the progress we made on vael there is 1 major part of our raiding that needs a huge amount of work: preperation. Over two nights of killing razoregore and working on the vael fight we spent 1 hour and 40 minutes waiting for people to A) Run to the bank and get somethign they forgot or B) Repair something they forgot to repair. That is unacceptable. Not only does it cut down on the total number of practice runs we can get in on a boss but more importantly it kills our tempo and makes us stale.

I have been preaching personal responsability allot since we have entered blackwing lair and coming prepared to raids is no differnt. The only one that can repair your items is you! Make a checklist, tie a string to your finger, use the buddy system….just do not be that guy!

Good job again and stay frosty for next weekend!

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