Best of the Best 3v3 Tourney!

First I want to thank everyone for participating and I hope you all had a good time! There were some epic battles, massive upsets, sneaky moves, and some BIG crits!

The final match came down to group 1 ( Founder, Virridian, Hunterzk) vs group 4 ( Dish, Balkazaar, Taliant)
In round 1 group 1 gave group 4 a sound thrashing but a revised strategy for round 2 led group 4 to a win, tying the tourney 1-1 in the final match…So exciting! The final match was an epic battle that could have gone either way and ended up with everyone dead except balkazaar and virridian, DUN DUN DUN! Virridian fought very well but started the 1 on 1 at 40% hp and 5% mana so it was only a matter of time, and finally balkazaar closed in for the kill.

Congratulations to the winners: Dish, Balkazaar, and Taliant!

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  1. turin Says:

    to be honest, taliant could have won solo

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