PvP for the week of 2/15 through 2/21

Mostly because of being lazy SOB I’m just posting the members of STNY who have achieved the top 1000 in the rankings. Alot of people on the list are idle or are not focusing on PvP any more so there really is no sense in putting their numbers up here. I also have the rankings from last week in notepad format if anyone wants them. I had a busy week at work (where I update the rankings from) so I didn’t get to it. Slacker list Twiz!!

I’d like to encourage those of you who PvP regularly to join forces. It will help build more camaraderie within the guild. Mages are not water/food dispensers & warlocks are not mass transit providers. There are people behind those toons, so keep that in mind.

46th -2 Slynt
105th +1 Euge
134th -26 Florth
260th -69 Rajin
358th +321 Dreadmist
386th +34 Cata
425th -6 Mendron
439th -51 Etharien
516th -110 Sigh
580th -48 Dish
589th +160 Twizzot
700th +87 Hunterzk
706th -85 Alkuran
723rd +104 Cellerwind
766th +52 Gotyourstuff
776th +94 Sthric
800th -157 Taliant
822nd +587 Nikola
858th -147 Serpa
867th +296 Ehks
903rd -146 Catbert
990th -6 Dracosta

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