Guild Contributor of the Week

Ok. So I thought I would create a new Honor. From now on I will be naming a guild Contributor of the week. This Honor will go to the Guildee that does the most to help out the guild or other guild members. I will be taking Nominations from all guildees to determine the GC of the week.

To nominate a GC send me a PM in the forums with the Toons name and the reason you are nominating him. Some examples of reasons to nominate are:
1) Player X left his main character and went to a priest for the better of the raid.
2) Player X helps our lowbies level up and gave them guidance.
3) Player X helped me get Exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood.

Basically it can be anything of worthy note. Please be mature and only send real nominations. I will discuss with the other officers a possible prize for periodic winners.

As an example of the PM u should send I will make the first nomination and here it is….

I nominate DISH…. DISH made me 250+ thorium widgets for Darkmoon tickets and he didn’t even bat an eye to do it… Thank you DISH.

The First GC of the week will be announced on the 3rd of March and each new GC will be announced every Saturday right here!

7 Responses to “Guild Contributor of the Week”

  1. dish Says:

    I’d like to mention all the librams of resilience I’ve done!

  2. Twizzot Says:

    I vote for dish too. He does anything for anyone at anytime. He doesn’t get the mention & notoriety that he should.

  3. Taliant Says:

    Ohh my god Dish is a libram monster! Dish Dish Dish!

  4. h3rb Says:
  5. h3rb Says:

    gg wordpress. My previous comment was supposed to say “

  6. h3rb Says:

    ok, it obviously doesn’t like it. Anyways…

  7. Higgins Says:

    The greatest thing I miss from playing is Dish 🙁

    Always a trooper!

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