A Thunderfury is Born !

Congrats to Sadako for the creatoin of the guilds first Thunderfury.

After a long wait, Sadako is the first to enjoy the blade in all it’s Glory.

A gratefull STNY thanks all the people from Macabre for the assistance and to STNY for the creation if the blade. This is a big day for the guild as we have now joined only a very few select guilds with this special item. Great job by all and congrats to Sadako.

Ambushed is next, keep at it in BWL !

6 Responses to “A Thunderfury is Born !”

  1. Slynt Says:

    Aloha from Hawaii suckers! Great to see the guild make such progress this weekend. I’ll talk to you all soon.

  2. sadako Says:

    i just wanna say thanks to all who helped

    thank you soooooo much

  3. Dev Says:

    congrats holmes!

  4. Dog Says:

    Just wondering, what did macab do? Wasn’t online at the time.

  5. Basifiea Says:

    gratz sadako!

  6. Ismona Says:

    Gave us the last Elementium bar for the sword and provided some members from thier alt guild for the boss in Silithus.

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