Nef Down!

Nef down!

Remember when we had trouble getting enough people who weren’t scared of repair bills to attempt zoning into BWL? All the Vaelastrasz wipes? The “love” the server has been throwing our way? Well tonight’s Nef kill made up for all the lows. I am very proud of how far this guild has come. Thank you all for the hard work.

Drops were: Pure Elementium Band (Serpa), Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery (Virridian), Stormrage Chestguard (Eviel), Netherwind Robes (Dracosta), Head of Nefarian (Skier).

Nef down!

9 Responses to “Nef Down!”

  1. Xandaria Says:

    AWESOME….. I so wish I could have been there.. Great job Guys!!!!!!!!

  2. Catbert Says:

    OMG!!!! And to think i was spending time with the woman.. DAMN IT!!!! Nice work guys, farm status GO!!

  3. turin Says:

    no shit..

  4. Lumian Says:


  5. Taliant Says:

    Hey thanks for all the help getting us trough bwl lumian!

  6. killernoodle2 Says:

    good job guys i hope me stepping out for the mage helped. btw im at school & /wrist

  7. Ismona Says:

    Awsome Job guys, I am really happy for you. Get that Fraps up somewhere so I can get a copy of it and start to study it 🙂

  8. turner Says:

    Great Job guys. Grats!

  9. Taliant Says:

    Should have a fraps up of the last 30% in the next couple of days, thanks to mendron

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