C’Thun and Ouro Hotfixes

The two currently unbeaten bosses in AQ40, C’Thun and Ouro, were given some changes (nerfs) just a few days ago to hopefully put their encounters at a more reasonable level. Reactions to this change have been varied, but now many guilds are saying the encounters are just as hard if not more difficult than before. Read about it at http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-dungeons&T=463195&P=1 .

As STNY gets ready to advance in AQ, everyone should be doing what they can to prepare. In this case that means farm Nature Resist! Maraudon is a decent place for NR blues, and the bosses can be farmed easily with 2-3 people. Also keep an eye out for craftable NR items coming next patch, and start farming mats!

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