PvP Rankings April 18th-25th

I didn’t post the pvp rankings last week because I wanted all visitors to the site to bask in our killing of Nefarion. Also of note, I’m no longer going to post the +/- change of rank. Nobody seems to care & it doubled the work. That and I’m lazy which everyone already knows. Only two weeks till I’m back on the PvP grind (yet again) so I’m sure you’re all looking forward to that. Rank 11, GO!

65th Slynt
134th Cata
199th Euge
304th Dreadmist
531st Intheshadows
608th Mendron
661st Raneth
672nd Ehks
703rd Alkuran
760th Dish
772nd Twizzot
792nd Heavensent
890th Taliant
937th Cellerwind
962nd Nikola
965th Ginnipig
973rd Sarutobix

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