Two Changes

Okay everyone, after an O meeting last night I have two changes to announce!

1) Molten Core will now be cleared every other week instead of every week due to a decline in fun and interest.

2)Instead of announcing raid locations (such as MC invites @ 6:30) we are going to start getting into the habit of just announcing raids, such as (Raid invites @ 7:30). The idea behind this is to give ourselves more flexability in our raiding, so we can raid what we have the numbers, class make up, and server conditions for to use our time more effectivly.

6 Responses to “Two Changes”

  1. Higgins Says:

    3) Invite Higgs back to the guild.

  2. sadako Says:

    i dunno about doing mc evry other week, we could still use the nexus crystals and stuff.

    personally i dunno if you guys have improved on the time frame it takes to do mc since i left, but it would be ridiculous if by now we dont have mc on a 4 hour clear instead of a 2 day clear.

    offer an incentives to do a 4 hour MC. like if you help complete a 4 hour mc youhave a guaranteed spot for BWL even if your late. or some other cool perk like that.

    i mean guild duty alone should make ppl want to do MC the whole “lack of interest” excuse shouldnt fly since we still have a lot of ppl that need shit from in there. but if thats not enough to motivate ppl lets see what pĆ¹tting their BWL invites on the line will do.

  3. aerith Says:

    if we just kick those slackers out of raid, and the raelly bad ones out of the guild, i’m sure MC would be cleared in 2-3 hours.

    i really dont enjoy raiding with noobs.

  4. dish Says:

    So who do I contact in vodka/icono/whoever to buy my bloodfang pants from.

  5. med Says:

    dont give up on mc
    its a good stress reliever, imo

  6. Merkor Says:

    For me MC is a huge source of stress and discomfort. After every MC raid, I go to a corner and cry.

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