Viscidous Progress

As we saw on Monday night, we can do this fight. While we were learning the freezing stage, there were three main problems I noticed that caused all our failed attempts:

  1. Not healing the MT
  2. Standing in poison clouds
  3. Non-effective depoisoning

Not healing the MT is tied to # 3. If we lose people from the freezing groups we are in trouble. People who are dieing, need to focus on what they are dieing from and correct this behavior. We need the freezing groups to be able to survive round after round of beatdown. We survived 2 freezings on our best attempt. Let’s shoot for lasting at least 3 cycles.

Standing in poison clouds. Very important that you are expecting it to happen and have an escape route ready to go IMMEDIATELY. You must move instantly or you are dead.

Non-effective depoisoning – please see Slynt for the details pertaining to this.

All in all though, the freezing stage performance improved dramatically on Monday which allowed us to make some blob killing progress. However, the area of this fight that we need the most improvement on is our blob killing. On our best round, we killed three blobs. Our average blob killing round had us killing one or two. We need to boost this number signficantly (~7 blobs would be excellent). We’ll be working on improving this area of our strategy next attempt, so stay tuned, and stay focused.

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  1. Slynt Says:

    For information regarding effective cleansing, please view the post “More on Viscidus”, located in the druid forums.

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