Progression Update

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on whats happening in STNY.

Tempest Keep 2/4: Void Reaver, Alar down,
Serpent Shrine Cavern 1/6: Lurker, Hydross 55%
ZA: Farm Status. 2/4 chests on timed event.
Magtheridon: Farm Status
Gruuls: Farm Status
Kara: Farm Status

Recruiting is stepping back up as we have lost some guild memebers to RL obligations, personal choices and forced resignations.

STNY is looking towards the future and getting a core group of players together for the WotLK. The goal is to have as many dedicated(quality) raiders as possible so that we can once again join the top ranks on the server, when it comes to progression.

******************* This post updated 4/09/08 **********************

Al’ar Down:

Lurker Down:
Lurker Down

Void Reaver Down:

Magtheridon Down:
Mag submits to STNY