Opening Post

This is the STNY guild blog. I plan on posting upcoming raids, raid outcomes, general guild news, and general WoW stuff here. We will still use the forums at the STNY Gaming site for discussion.

For starters, please make sure you have CT_RaidAssist and Ventrilo installed. They are required for highend raids with the guild.

I will be adding more sections to the site as I have time to do so (remember, I am a WoW addict). Next areas I plan on adding are a Roster section and some Allakhazam profile integration.

See you in Azeroth.

— Skier, Guild Master of STNY

2 Responses to “Opening Post”

  1. Magdalena Says:

    Good Afternoon,

    Let me introduce myself, I go by Magdalena on the Mannoroth server. I am one of the SSX players and was looking around to see if STNY had a website up, found this and just wanted to post a note to say hi. I’ve already met Bleakster and look forward to meeting more of your group and having a great time together. I believe you’ve spoken already with my husband, Trixster. If your guys would like they’re more than welcome to look us up on the web and find out a little more about our little family. The web address is
    You’ll see a lot more of our European group on there because the US side is a lot smaller, but a place to chat if you’d like. See you all in game!

    60 War – Protection/Fury Spec

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