Kael is growing weak.

Great job thus far on Kael guys! We have gotten the 1st 3 stages down and are working on perfecting the 4th. Its only a matter of time before he falls.

I wanted to also take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. This coming sunday’s raid is optional. Boozey would love to go smack down Kael, though.

Keep Bringing your “A” game, because once Kael drops it will be time to start Vashj and Black Temple. That’s right Black Temple is on deck and we are gonna smoke it, thanks to our hot new gear (T5 and badge gear alike). So keep focused, keep bringing your consumables and keep bringing that awesome winning attitude.

STNYes Sumus. Resistere Inutile Est.

Black Temple: Pending
Mount Hyjal 2/5: Rage, Antheron
Tempest Keep 3/4: Void Reaver, Alar, Solarian
Serpent Shrine Cavern 5/6: Lurker, Leo, Karathress, TideWalker, Hydross
ZA: Farm Status. 3/4 chests on timed event.
Magtheridon: Farm Status (soon to be retired)
Gruuls: Retired
Kara: Retired