Akama Eats it

Black Temple: 3/9 Naj’entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama
Mount Hyjal 2/5: Rage, Antheron
Tempest Keep: Clear
Serpent Shrine Cavern 5/6: Lurker, Leo, Karathress, TideWalker, Hydross
ZA: Farm Status. 3/4 chests on timed event.
Magtheridon: Farm Status (soon to be retired)
Gruuls: Retired
Kara: Retired

Sunwell Plateau: immedately following a full clear of BT and Hyjal

One Response to “STNY is on FIRE”

  1. Crownroyale Says:

    Good job guys, ill be raiding normally this week I had to work my ass off. Excited for some BT progress

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