Summer Break has been cleared

Great Job Surviving the summer break. Thanks to our friends at CWAL for keeping us going.

Break is over! time to get back to progression. And is it ever, after completing our first week off break we have worked out the afk bugs. Kael went down like the biotch he is after a few refreshers. Now its time to Punk the Vashj. This week should be her end and then its BT and Hyjal until they are cleared.

Just as a reminder this is where we are today.

Black Temple: 3/9 Naj’entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama
Mount Hyjal 2/5: Rage, Antheron
Tempest Keep: Clear
Serpent Shrine Cavern 5/6: Lurker, Leo, Karathress, TideWalker, Hydross
ZA: Retired
Magtheridon: Retired
Gruuls: Retired
Kara: Retired

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