Wrath has been fruitful

Well its been great so far guys. Our labored effort to build a good raiding team in BC is starting to prove itself.

With Wrath only a month old we have cleared all 10 man content except Malygos and have taken a good bite out of 25-man. Here is where we stand as of today:

[25] Naxxramas:
Anub’Rekhan | Grand Widow Faerlina | Maexxna | Patchwerk | Grobbulus | Gluth | Thaddius | Noth the Plaguebringer | Heigan the Unclean | Loatheb | Instructor Razuvious | Gothik the Harvester | Four Horsemen | Sapphiron | Kel’Thuzad

[25] The Obsidian Sanctum: Clear
[25] The Eye of Eternity: Malygos

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