MC Sign-Ups

  1. Goto the CWAL Forums and register for a forum account.
  2. Contact Skier, in-game, on your main and tell me what your account name is.
  3. I will then goto the forum and put you in the STNY group.
  4. At that point, you can goto the CWAL Raid Web App and register for the raid (create a character in the raid profile section)

If you had questions, goto the Raid Scheduler Support Forum.

15 Responses to “MC Sign-Ups”

  1. wishiwasevil Says:

    My name on the forums is rebecca (strangely enough)

  2. Skier Says:

    Added you wish.

  3. bleakster Says:

    My name on the forums is bluce.

  4. h3rb Says:

    mine is raashnu

  5. Ithwail Says:

    My name on the fourms is “Ithwail”

  6. Skier Says:

    bluce & h3rb added

  7. Skier Says:

    itwail too

  8. duckylove Says:

    the site isn’t working for me. i’m not able to log in to register on the operation cwal site. it keeps saying login failure even tho i’m putting in the correct info.

  9. ViRuZ Says:


  10. Peppi Says:

    I have a suggestion for the site, Im still very new to CT_Raid. I installed, tried to manage it but 100% of the time everyone in other groups to me is N/A, I need some sort of assistance to get this bitch up and running.
    Either in game, or a somewhat better guide to it on the site here would be helpful. (Im not the only one with this pain, Fatherchris is soon to be a 60 priest with the same problem 😛 )

  11. Skier Says:

    Talk to me in-game and I’ll try to get you straightened out.

  12. Rubberneck Says:

    Sign me up Rubberneck

  13. Peppi Says:

    I finally registered for the cwal thing..

    I wana do all any MC asap
    and as soon as im done studying for my stat test im gonna start working on my onxyia chain

    but yea, throw me in for MC >=D

  14. Skier Says:

    Peppi has been added.

  15. Syrus Says:

    Hey, Count me in!

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