Tons of greens dropped. Not much that people needed in the blue dept. Guildbanked a few things.

On a side note, I was not impressed by the lack of enthusiasm to do this raid. I know a lot of you don’t need anything from some (all) of these instances, but your attendence is still expected if we need people. Also, if there is a raid scheduled at 8:00, don’t start a raid beforehand that you can’t finish by 8:00. We had a handful of people sitting around waiting for the Scholo people for an hour and a half. If people want to run pick-up groups and stop doing guild raids, you need to let me know.

3 Responses to “LBRS”

  1. h3rb Says:

    I’m sorry I took off before it started. I wanted to help out, but I was dead beat, could barely keep my eyes open. I would have probably done more harm then good. I agree with this and what oliet posted in the main forums. In order for us to get to the level we want to get to, we all have to do things we dont want to do.

  2. Peppi Says:

    Sorry guys, I would have stayed longer but I ended up taking Yakul and Bas through ST. Felt the need to help the little guys, that and afterwards I was tired as hell, class at 8 this morning. Ill make sure to attend the next one, but I’ll mainly only be good to go for weekend raids thanks to college.


  3. am0n Says:

    I agree very much with Oliet and Skier. I wasn’t there for the LBRS run, but I know in general a lot of people don’t enjoy LBRS. But with that being said, some people still get items from there and a lot of people at some point needed items from there ( and we went with them ). I know Skier and Wink have run these instances more than anyone and they continue to run them because they know it will benefit people. Also I agree with Skier; If we are planning on raiding at 8 then please be ready. It is getting a bit annoying to say the least to have to wait around for an extended period of time to raid. A decent chunk of people need to log early and that is why we try and raid around 8.

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