What’s in the guild bank?

  1. Red Dragonscale x2
  2. Green Dragonscale x8
  3. Worn Dragonscale x9
  4. Essense of Fire x6
  5. Heart of Fire x6
  6. Core of Earth x2
  7. Living Essense x3
  8. Guardian Stone x1
  9. Codex: Prayer of Fortitude II x 3
  10. Codex: Prayer of Fortitude I x4
  11. Book: Gif of the Wild II x 5
  12. Brilliant Chromatic Scales x6
  13. Snickerfang Jowl x4
  14. Vulture Gizzard x2
  15. Basalisk Brain x1
  16. Blasted Boar Lung x2
  17. Dreadmist Bracers x1
  18. Wildheart Bracers x2
  19. Wildheart Belt x2
  20. Wildheart Gloves x1
  21. Bracers of Valor x1
  22. Devout Belt x1
  23. Hanzo Sword x1
  24. Dwarven Hand Cannon x1
  25. Twig of the World Tree x1
  26. Bludstone Hammer x1
  27. Anhk of Life x1
  28. Scarlet Wristguards x1
  29. Libram of Focus x1
  30. Libram of Rapidity x1
  31. Libram of Voracity x1
  32. The Emerald Dream (druid book) x1
  33. Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery (rogue book) x1
  34. The Light and How to Swing It (paladin book) x1
  35. Blazing Emblem x1 (tanks get priority)
  36. Perdiot Circle of Fire Resistance x1 (tanks get priority)
  37. Sardonyx Knuckle of Fire Resistance x1 (tanks get priority)
  38. Jasper Link of Nature Resistance x1
  39. Perdiot Cirlce of Shadow Resistance x1
  40. Formula: Smoking Heart of the Mountain x1
  41. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Demonslaying x1
  42. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Lesser Beastslayer x1
  43. Plans: Frostguard x1
  44. Plans: Thorium Belt x1
  45. Plans: Thorium Leggings x1
  46. Plans: Radiant Gloves x1
  47. Plans: Hammer of the Titans x1
  48. Schematic: Major Recombobulator x1
  49. Schematic: Dark Iron Rifle x1
  50. Schematic: Thorium Shells x1
  51. Pattern: Mooncloth Robe x1
  52. Pattern: Mooncloth Bag x1
  53. Pattern: Volcanic Shoulders x1

Ok, so starting today and running until next Friday we will be running a moneyless auction of this stuff. If you want something, put the number(s) of the items in a post in the comments (using your in-game name). If multiple people want the same item, we can meet in-game and have a rollout. Leftover stuff will be sold on the AH for guild bank profits.

48 Responses to “What’s in the guild bank?”

  1. wishiwasevil Says:

    i would like the living essence as i’m saving up the items to make founder a hide of the wild

  2. wishiwasevil Says:

    and some chocolate , i know you are holding out on me

  3. Martovious Says:

    I would like 4 and 53

  4. subin Says:

    subin. 17 dreadmist bracers

  5. Yakul Says:

    could i get # 33? (rogue book)

  6. wishiwasevil Says:

    doh i’m a spazz #7

  7. Mendron Says:

    I could use 53, 4, 5, and 6.

  8. sadako Says:

    i could use 29, 30 , 31 wichever one adds HP to helm i dont know wich. if none of them add this then disregard i dont need anything : )

  9. Rhyzan Says:

    I would love to own the following:

    18. Wildheart Bracers
    19. Wildheart Belt
    25. Twig of the World Tree

  10. Runiska Says:

    Give me the living essences for founder, wish will just trade them to me anyway.

    so. #7, #29, #31

  11. Lumia Says:

    if noone wants 8,12(for the cromatic cloak),48,49 i could definatly use them.. but if someone else needs anyof that.. im not rolling.. they can have it

  12. Stealthyburn Says:

    33, the rogue book.

  13. Heavensent Says:

    Thirty Four!

  14. Ridaya Says:

    I could really use 17 (Dreadmist Bracers). 😀

  15. dish Says:


    #33 Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery (rogue book) x1

  16. ghostmobat Says:

    i would like 18, 19 and 32 thanks 🙂

  17. Gnarlen Says:

    I would love to have #10..prayer fort..that would be splendid.

  18. med Says:

    its times like this i wish i rolled alliance 😀
    heart meddy

  19. h3rb Says:

    #11 / #32 for my druid when he get’s to the level of using them.

  20. Ceres Says:

    I could use 52 and 40 (for my mage, enchanter/tailor)

    I would use 24, but if someone else wants it, especially someone who has been in the guild longer, I’ll pass. I’d feel bad.

  21. Ryalt Says:

    If I coule, i would like #5, #^, and #34, though the first two can be split, go for smithing, and if no one else goes for it, I could use 35 when the time comes 🙂 after this, I have a few things I can throw in too

  22. Calarn Says:

    I could use: 14 15 16 29 31

    And the Brilliant Chromatic Scales for the Chormatic Cloak, but if someone else wants those I’ll pass.

  23. Kelkath Says:

    i would like 23 and 34!!

  24. Gnarlan Says:

    I could use 48, 49 and 50…and also woudl like 24 but like ceres said if someone needs it that has been in longer wants it they can have it..and i would aslo feel bad taking it from ceres haha..so ill let her take it.

  25. beans Says:

    i’d like #48 Schematic: Major Recombobulator, i’m 315 in goblin engineering.

  26. Tarquin Says:

    22(Devout Belt) 51 + 51 (Tailor stuff)

    Don’t have any of my devout set yet, would be a nice start.

  27. Syrus Says:

    Syrus just wants 52.
    Dupree just wants 33.

  28. cluce Says:


  29. Peppi Says:

    34 (the pally book)

  30. am0n Says:

    I could use

    0. Guild Bank

  31. Turin Says:

    Dwarven Hand Cannon for Turin

  32. Founder Says:

    CURA the lvl 53 priest wanted 9 POF1 ges 53 priest

  33. Founder Says:

    I would like all items 1 – 53 cause im a greedy bastard…


  34. Cilren Says:

    I could use #4

  35. Ridaya Says:

    I don’t need 17 (Dreadmist Bracers) any more. 🙂

  36. Raneth Says:

    Hey id really want 9 10 and 22…i am a poor priest with not enough money to buy at AH lol :D…my name on mannaroth is Raneth

  37. ViRuZ Says:


  38. saru Says:

    #35 would be peachy keen

  39. Intheshadows Says:

    I could use the #50 schematic

  40. subin Says:

    i don’t need bracers anymore either

  41. h3rb Says:

    #51 and #52

  42. hellfish Says:

    Hellfish, Ill take anything thats left over 😀 just call me.. the trash collecter!

  43. Pinpoint Says:

    #12, and #24. the first I need for the leggings of chromatic flight.

  44. ghostmobat Says:

    i no longer need 18 but still need 19 and 32 sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

  45. Teney Says:

    Teney – #17

  46. Fortywinks Says:

    I would like:

    #12 and #24

  47. Krulle Says:

    I could use 24

  48. Boozey Says:

    I could use # 21 and 26, thanks.

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