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We’ve recently got a lot of new members, so I figure now would be a good time to try to help get people up to speed on what the guild expects from the members and what the memebers can expect from the guild. Before we get into all that, I wanted to officially welcome all the newcomers. So far there has been no problems and that’s always a great way to start out something new.

Got a problem?

STNY strives as a guild to maintain a fun playing environment. If you aren’t having fun then there is something wrong. Most of the time things are pretty laidback and casual. However, we can’t always prevent unfavorable things from happening so it’s important that members are aware of the best way to handle this situation.

  1. Avoid talking about it in guild chat. Chatting is a notorious way to dig yourself much deeper in a bad situation. If you find yourself pissed off, log out of the game and go do something else.
  2. I recommend everyone to sign up for an account on the Gaming STNY Forums. This is probably the best way to go about addressing a problem. Most of the core members of the STNY community check these forums regularly and it gives you a chance to make a well thought-out post about a situation and solicit feedback.
  3. Contact an officer of the guild. If the particular officer you talk to can’t address the problem, they will at least know who to forward the problem to and how to get in touch with each other. I’d recommend contacting the officer over vent as well, since it allows for a less painful conversation than chatting.
  4. Contact me:
    585 334 6327
    KingJosh420 (AIM)


All the 60s are required to have BOTH (new and old) ventrilos installed and configured. We don’t care if you don’t have a mic and don’t want to talk to us; that’s fine. We require it because it makes the life of raid orgainizers a kajillion times easier. See the Vent Guide for help on setting it up. If you are still having trouble, contact one of the resident computer geeks in the guild.

STNY Vent (version 2.1.4, high quality codec, unlimited users):
default port
no pass

CWAL Vent (version 2.2, high quality codec, 100 users, used for 40 man raids):
no pass


Also, please remember to keep a sane level of chatter on vent. If we are doing a guild raid we are a lot more forgiving there than on the 40-man runs (obviously because there are a lot less people trying to talk).


Every 60 is required to have this as well. Your healers will love you for having it. Even if you aren’t a healer, it is important for you to have this so the healers can see debuffs, buffs, and other things that are not pleasant. Consult the CT_RaidAssist Guide for help with getting this working.

Some improtant features of this mod:

  • You can set a key to automatically cure, cleanse, purge negative debuffs from party members
  • You see the life bars, mana, etc of all the people in the raid group
  • You can avoid breaking sheep by using the Main Tank displays
  • Raid leaders can send important messages to the whole raid in big huge letters
  • Healers can set a cutoff point on their healing spells so if someone else heals a target before your cast is done, it will break the cast so you don’t overheal.
  • Many more…

Guild Raids

We try to do guild raids everynight at 8PM EST. This hasn’t been happening as much recently, mainly because we’ve been aggressively hitting the higher end instances. Bug the officers to organize raids you want to do for set pieces. I know a lot of you still need your Blue sets. I want to encourage everyone to attempt to do things in the guild (as opposed to pick-up groups) as they will get you geared a lot quicker (not to mention reduce pug-related stress). We expect people in the guild to help out even if they already have stuff from a certain instance, so don’t be surprised if you get spammed by tells from the raid organizer because they need help. We don’t use any loot system on guild raids. Who rolls on loot gets called out in vent and most of the greens will typically be disenchanted Speaking of enchants, the enchanters of the guild will get fed the greens, in return they are expected to enchant for free (unless they don’t have the mats).

Inter-Guild Alliance

We are currently allied with Operation CWAL, Forbidden Donut, and Brotherhood of the Nine. We also have a long standing relationship with Macabre. I expect everyone in the guild to honor these relationships and treat the members of these other guilds with the same respect you would a member of this guild. You can visit CWAL’s and Donut’s pages from the Links menu if you are interested. Also, if you have an issue regarding something that pertains to this alliance, you can feel free to post on CWALs boreds too.

If you are interested in attending MC/Onyxia and in the near future BWL, then you will have to be ready be signed up. In order to do this please consult the Raid Signup post for details.

EDIT: Guild Bank

I forgot to mention this, so I added it in now. The guild bank is on my (skier) account. He’s a lvl 1 paladin named Bling. All the stuf in there is from donations or stuff we’ve collected via a guild raid. Please keep the stuff coming cause I’m sure people enjoy free loot.

The guild bank will also purchase your arcane cyrstals. We purchase them for 60% of current AH value of arcanite, provide a free transmute, and then resell them to guildies for 65% of current AH value of arcanite. The pallies will love you long time so please consider this route instead of just whoring the stuff on the AH.

EDIT: Farming

This is another one I forgot to mention, but we expect people who are participating in the high-end content to do some farming. We currently are seeking Elemental Fires, Dreamfoil, and Dark Iron Ore. You can mail it to Bling.


That covers about all I wanted to go over off the top of my head. Lemme know if there are other questions topics that need clarification.

— Skier

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