Blackwing Lair Hotfix

From Eyonix:

A hotfix was just applied which fixed several bugs associated with BlackWing Lair that were allowing the first two encounters to be completed with very little effort. Many players will notice that these encounters are now much more difficult to overcome, and as a whole, present a challenge on par with what was originally intended upon design. Also, the door appearing after the Vaelastrasz encounter has been fixed and should open under the proper circumstances, no longer posing as an impassible barrier.

Since players entering this dungeon had to face these undesirable circumstances, we’ve reset all player’s associated Blackwing Lair raid IDs, meaning everyone may enter the dungeon with a fresh start for the week. Good luck!

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  1. Skier Says:

    Nice, it looks like we are all set for tonight. Rock on.

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