Alive and Kicking

Welcome back to Skier!!

For those of you that are wondering about STNYs origin in WoW. I thought you might find this Wowwiki interesting.

With Karazhan and Gruul’s on Farm Status we have begun to look towards SSC. The Eye and Beyond.

ZA is progressing well. I believe we have 3 of the bosses mastered and are working on the rest.

Raid Times are:

  • Tuesday 6:30pm  Kara and/or ZA

  • Wednesday Finish Tuesday’s raids

  • Friday 6:30pm Kara and/or ZA

  • Sunday 6:30 Gruuls / SSC / The EYE

The guild Bank is in need of Primals. Please try to put one Primal in the Guild Bank per week. Primals will help us create the gear our tanks need to progress onward in the 25 Mans.

There is talk about beginning Recruiting to move towards BT and be ready for the next expansion. Stay tuned for more info on that!



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