Recruitment has commenced!

STNY is once again entering the realm of end game content. The Time has come to replenish the ranks.

We are currently recruiting all classes. (Tanks and healers are our highest priority)

Please log into our forums and express your interest in becoming a STNY guild member. Our Guild Recruitment Officer will contact you about the application process.

Click Here to goto the forum, signup and post your app

2 Responses to “Recruitment has commenced!”

  1. Mangar Says:

    Post your In game name: Mangar
    Post your age: 36
    Post your wow experience: Have played WoW since almost it has gone live. I have done a lot of the pre-BC raid material. I have done some of the newer material raid content. I have cleared Kara and did half of Gruuls and a couple bosses in ZA.
    Post your class/spec: Level 70 Warlock – Aff 44/Dest 17
    Post your Skills, level, and specialization including secondary skills: Scryer-Shadowcloth Tailor 375 – Enchanter 375 – First-Aid 375 – Cook 361 – Fishing 241. Both Warlock and Epic Flying mounts aquired.

    I have a desire to advance in the games challanges. For me that means moving forward in content.

    As far as loot is concerned, eh, I can go either way. Its nice but its not the driving force for me to want to be able to move forward but more a means to be able to compete with the games challanges. Nearly everything in the ways of loot I aquired on my own except my Kara legs and Gloves.
    I wear Shadoweave set. As I do not know how to link gears, any officer can send me a whisper and I will come to them and they can inspect me, if thats acceptable. I believe I am more then adiquitly geared to roll in Gruuls and SSC/TK.

    I would be a great fit because I have the same wants and desires guilds want. Max Progress-ion and Max Efforts, easy to get along with and go out of my way to help others without any expectations.

    If STNY needs a happy go lucky and willing to learn more Warlock, then I am your man !


  2. Agwene Says:

    In game name: Agwene
    Age: 28
    WOW experience: 4 years
    TBC Bosses Downed:
    1/2 of ZA
    2/3 of SSC
    Class/spec: Holy Paladin
    Attributes related to this spec (AP/Crit Spell DMG/crit Bonus healing etc): + 1000 Healing (unbuffed)
    Proffessions, level, and specialization including secondary skills: Mining, Herbalism (just repec’ed)

    Include a link to your self on armory:
    Previous guilds you were in:
    Why did you leave this/these guilds:
    Tell us something about you:
    I am an English teacher in Canada and have been involved in WoW for about 4 years. I enjoy athletics, reading, and working with the community in my free time.

    Are you able to make all 25 man raids on a weekly basis (See above for times) if not how many will you miss and why?

    Tell us why you think you would make a great member to the STNY team:
    I am a reliable individual who has just lately has had some time open up. I believe in team work, and that achieving goals in a group is much more beneficial than completing them alone.

    Has an officer asked that you post your app if so who?
    Do you have any friends currently in STNY if so who?

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