Recruitment is starting to pay off

STNY is back on the raiding path thanks to our recent recruitment efforts. Great Job everyone on the 25 man content we have recently started.

Last night we learned how to handle the trash in TK. After which we were able to get 3 very good attempts in on Void Reaver. 50%, 30% and Then 8%. If we didnt have respawn or a rezzer had survived the 3rd attempt I am certain someone would be wearing T5 shoulders already.

Recruitment will continue for a little while longer to bolster our numbers some more but we are getting close to the point where we will cutt it off. With 2.4 on the very near horizon you can expect us to step up our 25 man efforts and focus on getting people the needed gear. This will allow us to progess so that when Wrath of The Lich King is released we can race for server firsts like we did pre-BC.

Keep up the great effort guys and gals.

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